If you’ve been in the tattoo industry for a long time, you might have encountered a Pirat Tattoo Machine.

These are handmade, unique tattoo machines, produced in the Czech Republic and loved worldwide, so this is our review.

Pirat Tattoo Machine Table Summary

Pirat Razor Liner/Shader
Razor Shader Pirat Tattoo Machine
Pirat Candy Liner/Shader
Candy Liner Iron
Pirat Spiderweb Liner/Shader
Spiderweb Pirat Tattoo Machine
Pirat Sail Liner/Shader
Sail Pirat Tat Machine
Main FeatureVintage wooden handle.There is the aluminium option to make it lighter.Most popular coil tattoo machine.Good for those who like some weight.
Best for: shader or liner?Both but adjust voltage.Both but adjust voltage.Both but adjust voltage.Both but adjust voltage.
Frame MaterialIron (ocel + dřevo).Iron (ocel) / Aluminium (Dural).Iron (ocel).Iron (ocel).
Optimal Running Voltage- 4.5v to 6v (Liner).
- 5v to 6v (Shader).
- 4.5v to 6v (Liner).
- 5v to 6.5v (Shader).
- 4.5v to 6v (Liner).
- 5v to 6v (Shader).
- 4.5v to 6v (Liner).
- 5v to 6v (Shader).
Weight6.52 oz (185 g).5.99 oz (170 g) - Iron.
5.29 oz (150 g) - Aluminium.
5.99 oz (170 g) - Iron.5.99 oz (170 g) - Iron.
Warranty3 years but verify with the supplier.3 years but verify with the supplier.3 years but verify with the supplier.3 years but verify with the supplier.

Pirat is proud to offer high-quality coil tattoo machines with exceptional attention to detail, available in many fantastic designs.

Why Choose a Pirat Tattoo Machine?

Pirat tattoo machines should be front and center of any tattoo parlor. They offer a range of styles and designs, each one committed to creating the best tattoos possible.

Established in 2008 and gaining in popularity since then, the house of Pirat offers the best of the best, with each handmade coil tattoo machine unique and bohemian, each one utilizing the latest technology to make them easy to use and efficient.


Pirat offers a range of standard tattoo machines and a series of custom models.


Each coil tattoo machine has been designed to provide a solution for lining or shading requirements.

What Coil Types does Pirat offer?

Tattoo machines can be either liners or shaders, and when you choose your Pirat tattoo machine, you can choose the same style in a liner or a shader.

Liners are short-stroke machines that are ideal for creating solid lines. They can also be used to create smooth gradients.
Shaders, on the other hand, are long-stroke and are best for shading and coloring. They are a necessary component if you want your tattoo to be colored in, and they are slightly better for your skin than liners.

Here is the review of four (4) Pirat coil tattoo machine to clear your mind.

Pirat Razor Liner / Shader

Razor Shader Pirat Tattoo MachineThe first Pirat coil tattoo machine on the list is the Razor model. This boasts a stunning iron frame in the shape of a razor with a vintage wooden handle.

It’s created either with a black steel frame with light wood, or can also be produced in dark wood with a vintage finish. Both options are a stunning addition to any tattoo artist’s collection.

The Razor Shader is shaped like a razor blade and has a lacquered wooden handle.

It’s ideal for shading and coloring, and works best at a voltage of 5-6V.

This model weighs just 185g, and has a speed of 115-118 Hz.

The Razor Liner works with flawless operation at 4.5-6V. Like the shader, this model weighs just 185g and is perfect for creating smooth, clean lines in one pass. The speed without needles is 135-140 Hz with a duty cycle of 50-53%.

Pirat Candy Liner Iron Liner / Shader

Candy Liner IronThe Candy Liner Iron is small, lightweight, and fast. It creates clean, solid lines and is one of the most versatile coil machines on the market – working well for all types of lining or shading.

This is one of Pirat’s best-selling machines, and it’s easy to see why. The frame is available in black, white, or orange iron (also an aluminum version is available), and it’s both durable and exceptionally lightweight.

It runs at an optimal voltage of 4.5-6V and has a speed without needles of 138-142 Hz.

The Candy Liner is fully customizable. Choose from black, transparent, or white coils, as well as either a butterfly or coin screw. Finally, choose the contact, either classic or RCA connector.

The Candy Iron Shader is another that’s loved by many. It’s small, lightweight, and universal, coming in at just 170g. This machine is perfect for all types of shading and coloring, and works at an optimal voltage of 5-6.5V. Like the liner, the coil, screw, and contact can be adapted to suit you.

Pirat Spiderweb Liner / Shader

Spiderweb Pirat Tattoo MachineAnother Pirat tattoo machine that deserves a special mention is the Spiderweb. This is one of Pirat’s most recent models, established in 2015, and it’s one of their most unique.

This model is uniquely shaped like a cobweb, and is available in both black and white, as well as both liner and shader versions.

The Spiderweb liner is one of the most popular coil liner tattoo machines, thanks to the range of great designs that the house of Pirat offers.

It weighs just 170g with an optimal voltage of 4.5-6V. The speed is 135-140 Hz, and the duty is 50-53%.

The coils are available in a choice of traditional, Jack Rackham, and white, each one unique and aesthetic. The screws are available in a choice of butterfly or coin, while the contact is either classic or RCA connector.

The Spiderweb shader offers much the same options, with the addition of black for the coil design. It’s one of the best shaders on the market, weighing just 170g with an optimal voltage of 5-6V.

Pirat Sail Liner / Shader

Sail Pirat Tat MachineThe last model to review is the Sail version. It is available in a choice of both a liner and a shader.

The Sail coil liner tattoo machine is a universal and smooth running liner in the shape of a sail, boasting a black iron frame and a weight of just 170g. The optimal voltage is 4.5-6V, and the speed is 135-140 Hz.

Available with black or transparent coils, a butterfly, coin, or hook screw, and a classic or RCA connector contact.

This coil tattoo machine is easy to use and efficient. It shades and colors quickly and easily, and the beautiful sail design is loved by many. The Sail shader offers much the same.

Like the liner, the frame is made from black iron, and the weight is just 175g. The optimal voltage for this tattoo machine is 5-6V, and the speed is 115-120 Hz.

The coil comes in a choice of black, Jack Rackham, or transparent, screw in a choice of butterfly, coin, or hook, and the contact is either classic or RCA connector.

How to Look After your Pirat Tattoo Machine

The importance of taking care of your machine cannot be underplayed, but once you know how, it is relatively easy.

Use a machine cover; don’t touch your tattoo machine without wearing gloves.

Make sure you are aware of and following the guidelines in terms of voltage, and be sure to contact Pirat customer service if you have any questions or problems.

While it can be tempting to attempt to fix any issues yourself, Pirat is on hand to answer your questions and ensure your machine lasts a long time.

With a 3-year warranty and a range of handmade tattoo machines, a Pirat coil model should be top of the list for any tattoo enthusiast.

Their unique styles and designs, as well as their range of options when it comes to liners or shaders, make them one of the best coil tattoo machine manufacturers in Europe, and they also have an array of rotary machines.

Whether you are just starting on your tattoo journey or a seasoned tattoo artist, a Pirat tattoo machine is a must-have.



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