Best Tattoo Machine Brands

What are the Best Tattoo Machine Brands in 2022?

Most of the tattoo machine brands below offer a few coil and rotary models, each with different capabilities.


This means, Quality and Design will be most suitable for some and not for others.


Lastly, are you looking for an specific wireless tattoo machine? Well, check the tags to find what brands offer this technology.

Solong Tattoo Machine Reviews TMA
Solong is making giant strides in the tattoo machine niche – and they’re doing it in style with portable units. That portability is the first central selling point of their ...
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Kwadron Tattoo Machine Reviews TMA
As a Company That Knew How to Produce Some Great Tattoo Needles, What Else Are They Offering? With some skin in the game already (no pun intended), they decided to ...
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Eikon Tattoo Machine Reviews TMA
How Good is the Coil and Rotary Line-up by Eikon? Where other tattoo machine makers are trying to cram all of the various operations (lining, shading, packing) into the same ...
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Cheyenne Tattoo Machine Reviews
The German-made Cheyenne Tattoo Machine is available in several different styles with the release of new rotary models. The entire Cheyenne range allows the tattoo artist to work with precision ...
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Hummingbird Tattoo Machine Reviews
The Chinese made Hummingbird Tattoo Machine range includes some of the best entry level tattooing tools on the market. There are a lot of tattoo machines out there; some good, ...
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Compass Tattoo Machine Reviews Coil Line by Dragonhawk Tattoo Sypply
Dragonhawk have also Their coil versions with the Compass Tattoo Machine models. Are They Good? Dragonhawk is well known to be one of the top provider for affordable rotary tattoo ...
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Dragonhawk Tattoo Machine
Dragonhawk Tattoo Machines are Considered to be the Best Value for Money in 2021 but, Are They Really That Good? Tattoo artists who use any Dragonhawk tattoo machine can attest ...
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EZ Tattoo Machine Review Logo
The EZ tattoo machine was first founded in 2005, only focusing on the rotary side of machines. Each of the EZ tattoo machines discussed here is an example of a ...
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Welker Tattoo Machine Reviews
The Top Four Welker Tattoo Machines for 2022 If you’re in the market for Welker tattoo machines, you’re clearly looking for the best in the business. That’s fantastic because we ...
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Pirat Tattoo Machine Reviews
If you’ve been in the tattoo industry for a long time, you might have encountered a Pirat Tattoo Machine. These are handmade, unique tattoo machines, produced in the Czech Republic ...
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