The Stigma rotary tattoo machine finds a firm place in the industry. But how do they compete against other big brands?

Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine Table Summary

Stigma Spear
Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine - Stigma Spear
Stigma Hyper V3
Stigma Hyper V3
Stigma Stylist
Stigma Stylist
Stigma Hyper V4
Stigma Hyper V4
Main FeatureThe majority of cartridge bands are suitable with this machine.Weighs just 115 grams making it easier to carry.Lightweight compared to the Stigma Spear model.Great compatibility of universal screw-on connection.
Best for: shader or liner?Both but adjust voltage.Both but adjust voltage.Both but adjust voltage.Both but adjust voltage.
Frame MaterialTitanium Steel.Anodized Aircraft Aluminum.Titanium SteelAnodized Aircraft Aluminum.
Optimal Running Voltage- 7.5 to 8.5 v (Liner).
- 8 to 10 v (Shader).
- 7.0 to 9.0 v (Liner).
- 9.0 to 12 v (Shader).
- 7.5 to 8.5 v (Liner).
- 8 to 10 v (Shader).
- 7.0 to 8.5 v (Liner).
- 8.5 to 12 v (Shader).
Weight5.75 oz (163 g).4.05 oz (115 g).4.33 oz (123 g).3.45 oz (98 g).
WarrantyUsually 1 year but depends on supplier.Usually 1 year but depends on supplier.Usually 1 year but depends on supplier.Usually 1 year but depends on supplier.

It has been there more than a decade after German tattoo artists founded it, with more than two decades of experience in the field.

This experience, combined with the expertise and guidance of Artemis Rosakis (creator of the Stigma Rotary tattoo machine), has helped the company develop some of the best tattoo machines that are doing quite well in the market.

Some of the best rotary tattoo machines from the house of Stigma are reviewed below, along with their high-end specifications.


Stigma Spear

The Stigma Spear is one of the best models by the brand and is a fully-adjustable pen-style, easy-to-use tattoo machine.


It allows a greater degree of precision to the tattoo artist, thus enabling them to create intricate designs.


This light-in-weight and compact machine has a lot of power, which is difficult to imagine, given its size.


Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine - Stigma Spear

It is comfortable to hold and ensures a firm grip for complicated tattoo designs.


The grip’s indented profile makes working with this machine more effortless and comfortable.

This versatile and smooth-running model is a hit with the tattoo artist. The machine has been crafted with a significant focus on the excellence and precision required in this job.

The artists can focus on their work, getting excellent results without worrying about the equipment.

It is a very reliable machine that can be used for a long time without any issue.



– Independently adjusting the give and the stroke length (3 to 4 mm) allows the user to make quick adjustments within seconds.

– Accepts a majority of designed cartridge bands, keeping safety in mind and avoiding leakage through to the machine or grip.

– Protected RCA connection for the fluctuation-free working of the machine.

– 2mm shaft with 6-Watt Swiss motor.

– Two (2) preloaded ball bearings help in removing excess play.

– Anti-roll design for a slip-free grip.

– Long ergonomic grip to have better hold.


– Stabilizing the needle may be difficult.

– There is a chance of the machine getting heat-up after some time.

– Heavy machine compared to other pen tattoo machine versions.

– The RCA housing can crack if the stroke is adjusted while plugged in.


Stigma Hyper V3

Another product from the house of Stigma that the artists are popularly using is Stigma Hyper V3. It is considered one of the most flexible rotaries available in the market.

Stigma Hyper V3

It uses advanced and updated technology that allows the product to offer a better experience to the users.


The machine is very soft to use and allows greater precision for the tattoo artist. Moreover, it is lightweight, so the artist doesn’t feel tired even if it is used for a long time.


It can be easily considered an all-rounder machine.


There are no elastic bands, and they are replaced with a precision adjustable needle stabilizer.

Make use of high-end cables for the power supply to run the machine. It will result in the device’s non-fluctuating, flawless and smooth running.


– Super soft to super hard adjustment in a matter of seconds (6.0mm to 3.6mm).

– Weighs just 115 grams making it easier to carry, store and handle.

– New tube vice locking system for a firmer grip.

– Ergonomic frame design and a well-balanced machine.

– Amazing overall performance.

– 4.5 watt Made in Switzerland Engine offering high efficiency.


– Need a firm grip to stabilize the needle.

– It is essential to use it in pulse form to avoid quick heating of the machine.

– RCA port can become loose after a couple of years.


Stigma Stylist

This lightweight and compact tattoo gun has become famous as a rotary tattoo machine.


Stigma Stylist


A pen-style, powerful tattoo machine provides greater precision and accuracy in work to the tattoo artist.


The machine uses some influential brands’ cartridges and has interchangeable cartridge receivers.


The machine’s surface is indented and doesn’t allow slipping of the hand. Its ergonomically-designed long grip makes it easy to hold and maneuver. It is also easy to wrap.

Moreover, the comfort factor while using it enhances. In just a few seconds, the stroke length of the machine can be adjusted from 3mm to 3.7mm. To do this, the artist has to twist the fixed motor slightly.


A protected RCA connection and a high-quality Switzerland-made motor enhance its efficiency.



– Stroke length can be adjusted from 3mm to 3.7mm in just a few seconds.

– All major cartridge brands are acceptable to avoid leakage of ink.

– Long ergonomic grip for the tattoo artist to easily maneuver the device.

– 2mm shaft and a 6-watt motor for necessary power.

– Light weight makes it easier to carry and allows for intricate designs.

– Anti-roll design for excellent grip.


– Quick maneuvering of the grip is required.

– The machine may make some noise.


Stigma Hyper V4

This is a versatile, smooth-running, red-colored, hybrid tattoo machine.

It can be used along with significant cartridge grip brands because of its Universal screw-on connection.


Stigma Hyper V4

The machine has a back-stem for regular tattoo needles.


Also, the machine delivers excellent results, and there is no need to use additional accessories to do the same.


Stigma Hyper V4 comes with an easy-to-adjust give and stroke length.


The device can be easily adjusted as per your precise style requirements.

The 6-watt motor, made in Switzerland, has an improved 2mm shaft diameter version that ensures smooth and reliable running.

It is considered one of the best in the range by the brand, and tattoo artists enthusiastically use it to deliver their best work.


They can easily experiment with complicated designs as the machine gives them immense flexibility.



– The machine has Swash driven Hybrid Rotary with cartridges and regular needles.

– Fantastic compatibility of Universal screw-on connection with standard cartridge grips and standard grips offering choices to the user.

– Weighs 98 grams, making it easy to carry by the artist.

– Fully adjustable machine for all purposes.

– 2mm shaft and 6-watt Switzerland-made motor for greater thrust and power.

– A quick adjustment from super easy to solid hard in just a few seconds.

– Adjustable stroke length from 3-4mm.


– None found so far.


Final thoughts about the Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine models

Stigma is one of the top companies providing a range of high-end tattoo machines.

The company focuses on manufacturing machines that meet superior quality standards by making them in small batches instead of en-masse manufacturing.

Every unit is hand-assembled and tested by a team of professionals who can be technical engineers, tattoo artists, mechanics, CNC Experts, and artisans before the product reaches the market.


Buying one of their models means investing in a quality product.


We believe that each of the four (4) models reviewed above can offer good quality and satisfaction; however, it is essential to consider that each machine will perform based on your needs (machine speed, voltage, weight, and maybe features) best.

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