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Rotary Tattoo Machine Reviews and Guide

Rotary Tattoo Machine Guide 2023

The rotary tattoo machine configuration is by far the most appealing for artists in the industry. There are several factors that influence their position at the top, including but not limited to: - They are lightweight. - Versatile power input. - More models are becoming affordable, which allows easier access ...
Coil Tattoo Machine Reviews and Guide photo by Benjamin Lehman on Unplash

Coil Tattoo Machine Guide 2023

Which Coil Tattoo Machines Are Outstanding in 2023? The coil tattoo machine was first introduced in 1891 thanks to tattoo artist Samuel O'Reilly, and it hasn't really faded in the market since then. This configuration has changed over time, making these machines more versatile, precise, and sturdy. Many independent artists, ...
Pneumatic Tattoo Machine Reviews

Pneumatic Tattoo Machine Guide

Neuma is a short version of the word pneumatic, and the creation of the Pneumatic Tattoo Machine was quite revolutionary. A pneumatic tattoo machine uses an air compressor to power the needle instead of the other common types of tattoo machines, such as coil and rotary. The difference between the ...