The Top Four Welker Tattoo Machines for 2022

If you’re in the market for Welker tattoo machines, you’re clearly looking for the best in the business.

That’s fantastic because we love reviewing the best coil machines like the ones offered by the house of Bishop or Pirat. Each of these custom handmade tattoo machines comes fine-tuned from the factory, so you’ll have minimal setup to worry about once you’ve received your device.


A word of caution: these following tattoo guns are coil models; therefore, if you’re looking for a Welker rotary tattoo machine review, you won’t find them here. Nevertheless, we will be updating this page to discuss some rotary models.


Welker Tattoo Machines Table Summary
Welker Black Widow (Liner)
Welker Black Widow Tattoo Machine
Welker Nomad (Liner)
Welker Nomad Tat Machine (liner)
Welker Road Runner (Shader)
Welker Road Runner (Shader)Tattoo gun
Welker Impala (Shader)Welker Impala Shader Tat machine
Main FeatureDesign created by precision technology (CNC).Comes with a quick release screw.Frame protected with black oxide film for additional durability.Stronger stroke and less run.
Best for: shader or liner?LinerLinerShaderShader
No of Coils & Neddles- 8 coils.
- 3's to 9's.
- 8 coils.
- 3's to 7's.
- 10 coils.
- 5's to 13's.
- 10 coils.
- 5's to 13's.
Frame MaterialSteelSteelSteelSteel
Speed / Volts- 8v.
- 22 uf capacitator.
- 8v.
- 22 uf capacitator.
- 10 - 10.5v.
- 22 uf capacitator.
- 10.5 - 11v.
- 22 uf capacitator.
Weight7.0 oz (198 g).7.1 oz (201 g).7.3 oz (206 g).7.0 oz (198 g).
Warranty1 year.1 year.1 year.1 year.

We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for a liner or a shader tattoo machine. Here are Welker’s best handmade tattoo machines, what we like and don’t like, and the specs you’ll need to know before you get started.


Welker Black Widow Liner

Welker Black Widow Tattoo MachineAward-winning celebrity tattoo artist Brandyn Feldman designed the Welker Black Widow Liner.

Like all Welker tattoo machines, this liner has a custom, CNC-machined (Computer Numerical Control) frame that begins as a single piece of 1080 cold-rolled steel.


It looks gorgeous and has a spiderweb-shaped frame that does nothing for function but looks really cool.


This is a nice, low-voltage liner. You can run it faster if you want to, but there’s really no need. You’ll get reasonable speeds at around 8V without producing a lot of heat.

In terms of needles, it’s designed for 3’s all the way up to 9’s. With a relatively average 7’s needle setup, it will push up to 14 needles without any issues.

The Black Widow has 8 wrap coils and a 22uf capacitor. This offers plenty of punch, so you’ll get more ink under the skin and wipe less of it away. This machine runs at 135-145 CPS, which is pretty fast for power. It weighs 7 ounces (198 gr) and comes with a lifetime warranty for the original buyer.

✅ Pros:

– Custom built by a tattoo artist.

– CNC-machined from a single piece of cold-rolled steel.

– Lifetime warranty.

– Plenty of power.


– Strictly used for lining.

– It is more expensive than the Nomad liner.


Welker Nomad Liner

Welker Nomad Tat Machine (liner)

The Nomad Liner is the basic version of the Black Widow Liner. It has a blued finish and a retro brass plate with the Welker imprint on it.

The frame is CNC-machined from a piece of 1080 cold-rolled steel and is highly durable. You can drop this machine on a concrete floor, which will barely scratch the finish.

Like the Welker Black Widow Liner, the Nomad Liner runs best at lower voltages. You can operate this machine for hours without running into any kind of trouble at those levels. At about 8V, you’ll get a medium-fast operation that doesn’t produce a whole lot of heat.

It supports needles from 3’s up to 9’s. With 7’s needles, you’ll still be able to push a 14-needle group without jamming.

The Nomad Liner has 8 wrap coils and a 22uf capacitor. Like the Black Widow, it has more than enough power to get most of your ink under your client’s skin, so you’ll get through those long sessions more quickly.

The needles will run at 135-145 CPS, depending on voltage. The unit weighs 7.1 ounces (198 gr) and has a lifetime warranty for the original owner.

✅ Pros:

– It is custom-built

– CNC-machined from a single piece of cold-rolled steel

– Lifetime warranty

– Powerful, 8-wrap coil design


– It is not usable as a shader.


Welker Road Runner (Shader)

Welker Road Runner (Shader) Tattoo gun

The Road Runner is one of the most popular Welker tattoo machines on the market.

The frame is custom CNC machined from a single block of 1080 cold-rolled steel, making it one of the most durable frames out there since there are no welds or screws holding anything together.

It runs well at lower voltages but really hits its stride between 10V and 10.5V. It runs quickly, and with the 10 wrap coils and 22uf capacitor, it still has enough power to leave as little ink as possible on the surface of the skin.

Also, it supports 5’s up to 13’s needles, so you’ll have plenty of options for everything from large, solid blocks of color to small, delicate shading jobs.

This unit runs at 110-115 CPS and comes with a lifetime warranty for the original buyer. It only weighs 7.3 ounces, so it’s great for longer sessions.

✅ Pros:

– Professionally customized.

– CNC-machined from a single block of cold-rolled steel

– Lifetime warranty

10 wrap coil design delivers plenty of speed without sacrificing power


– It may not be suitable as a liner.


The Welker Impala Shader

Welker Impala Shader Tat machineLike the Nomad Liner, the Welker Impala Shader has a slick, retro look.

The brass logo on the side looks really sharp, and we all know that a good-looking machine impresses colors. Like all the Welker tattoo machines we’ve reviewed, the Impala Shader’s frame is CNC machined from a single block of cold-rolled steel.

This is a hard-hitting machine with a long throw. It’s designed to use needles from 5’s to 13’s, which gives you lots of diversity in terms of needle size and fineness of shading.

The 10-wrap coil design and 22uf capacitor provide it with plenty of power without sacrificing the speed you want from a shader that’s designed to do larger jobs.

The Impala Shader has a standard operating speed of 110-155 CPS. The original owner has a lifetime warranty, and it weighs only 7 ounces. It runs best at 10.5-11 volts.

✅ Pros:

– CNC-machined from a single piece of cold-rolled steel

– Lifetime warranty for the first owner.

– 10 wrap coils run super-fast without losing power


– Not usable as a liner


The Final Word on Welker Tattoo Machines

As you’ll agree, it’s tough to go wrong with Welker if you’re looking for a handmade coil tattoo machine. We like these machines because they’re all handmade, but the devil is in the details.

Some devices work better at low voltage, and others at high voltage. Some are for lining, and some are for shading.

We hope this review has helped you find the answers you need. Even if you’re still looking, we hope you’ve learned a few things about Welker tattoo machines.

Images courtesy of Welker.

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