The Lauro Paolini tattoo machine range offers the perfect combination between traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology.

This tattoo machine builder began manufacturing handmade tattoo machines in Italy in 1996, becoming very popular worldwide with over 50000 tat machines sold.

Lauro Paolini Tattoo Machine Table Summary
Mirage rotary
Soul 10 coils
Nivola 8 coils
Type- Rotary- Coil (10)- Coil (8)
Frame Material- Aluminum- Iron.- Iron
Stroke- 3.5 mm.- We are researching.- We are researching.
Power Source- Lining: 8V-10V
- Coloring / Shading: 7 - 8.5V.
- Max Volt: 12 v.
- Lining: 7V-10V
- Coloring / Shading: 5 - 10V.
- Max Volt: 12 v.
- 7v - 10v.
- Max Volt: 12 v.
Weight- 70 g.- 220 g.- 200 g.
Needle compatibility- Standard & Cartridge.- Standard & Cartridge.- Standard & Cartridge.
Warranty- 1 year.- 1 year.- 1 year.
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Each machine is handmade, with excellent attention to detail, offering exceptional conductivity and durability. Moreover, all the tattoo machines produced by this artist are quality assured, carry the CE mark, and adhere to all European safety standards.

If you are looking to invest in ink, read on for an in-depth review of our three (3) favorite Paolini tattoo machines.


Mirage Model

The Mirage is one of his most popular rotary tattoo machines. Often considered gentler on the skin, tattoos created with a rotary machine are said to heal faster with less scarring.



Mirage rotary tattoo machineRead public reviews and rating

The Mirage is a hybrid machine with both cartridge and standard needle options. Plus, you can easily adjust the voltage to get your desired finish.

This Lauro Paolini tattoo machine is ultra-versatile, a solid choice when creating small and large lines, but it excels in filling in and shading.

This machine is one of the best for creating smooth gradients, adding depth to your work, and ensuring that your coloring is on point.



The Mirage rotary tat machine comes equipped with an adjustable black aluminum cartridge, which features a 25mm grip, ensuring the highest level of control.


This is a super-fast machine, with the Italian-made motor offering 11,000 RPM with a needle stroke of 3.5mm.


Offering fast and consistent needle movement, it is a 12-volt machine, but you can easily adjust the voltage to get the finish you desire.

Weighing in at only 70- 130g when used with an adjustable grip, the lightweight nature of this device ensures that it is comfortable to use, even for large pieces of art and time-intensive jobs.

The lightweight nature of the Mirage is due to how it has been crafted from lightweight yet super-durable aircraft aluminum.

The chassis has also been made from aluminum for premium conductivity and durability. This has been echoed across online reviews, with most users giving the Mirage a 4- or 5-star rating.



– Best for: Filling and shading.

– Type: Rotary.

– Voltage (max): 12v (range 7v to 10v).

– Needle type: standard and cartridge.

– Needle Stroke: 3.50mm.

– Colors: Black, Matte Black, Gold.

– Frame: Aluminum.

– Weight: 70 gr (130 including the grip).

– Grip: 25 mm.


Soul Model

Paolini’s Soul Tattoo machine is an innovative and robust machine recommended for most types of settings.



Soul tattoo machine - coil typeRead public reviews and rating

It is a coil tattoo machine with 10 wrap copper coils covered in a black protective sheath.

The Soul machine is available in three (3) different colors, including black, dark red, and grey, and it is a modern and attractive piece that is reliable and lightweight.



The frame on the Soul is made from iron and manganese, which are great electrical conductors. The lateral cover is also made from robust and lightweight aircraft aluminum for extra protection.


Overall, it is a lightweight machine at 200g and is comfortable to use for extended periods.


If you are considering investing in a custom tattoo machine, the Soul is a versatile tool that can be used for all lines.

It has needle compatibility of up to 14/18 needles and can also be used for shades and fills, even on large surfaces. However, it is particularly well suited to large or thick lines or intricate work.

The vast majority of reviews for this tattoo machine are positive. Many of them highlight that this machine is comfortable to use and praise how Paolini’s Soul offers excellent versatility.

You can shop with perfect peace of mind, with the coils coming with a 12-month warranty and the chassis being covered by a lifetime guarantee.


– Best for: Filling

– Type: Coil

– No of Coils: 10.

– Voltage range: 7 v to 10v for lining and 5v to 10v for shading.

– Needle type: for lines go to 14; for shading go to 18.

– Colors: Black, Dark Red, Grey.

– Frame: Iron, bronze, or copper.

– Weight: 220 gr.


Nivola Model

The Nivola is the smaller version of Nuvolari, one of his most popular machines.



Nivola Lauro Paolini Tattoo MachineRead public reviews and rating

Similar to the larger version, this Nivola is a small coil-type tattoo machine that is both compact and powerful. Moreover, the latest update to the Nivola means that it is now compatible with disposable grips, enabling an electro- erosion cut to facilitate their closing.


The Nivola has been created with fine line work in mind, and it is perfect for adding intricate details and lettering. It is particularly adept at producing decisive outlines and detailed work, with needle compatibility for 1-9 needle rounds (check here to read more about needles).


The Nivola tattoo machine is also easy to adjust, ensuring that the artist maintains control and can always produce a consistent and decisive line.



This machine is well suited for advanced and professional artists, and weighing in at just 200 grams, the lightweight design on the Nivola ensures that you are comfortable while you work.


Again, the lateral cover is named from robust aircraft aluminum, and the frame can be found in iron, bronze, and copper.


Each of them has been individually bent by hand, eight (8) 25mm burnished harmonic steel coils; the Bakelite wraps also feature a transparent heat-shrinking protective sheath.

Whether you are a beginner waiting to develop your tat skills, or a pro who wants to refine their artwork, this handheld device produces extraordinary results every time.

Allowing for incredible accuracy, the Nivola is a smooth tattoo machine that offers excellent performance and detail.

The product comes with a warranty of 12 months, as well as a Certificate of Authenticity, so you can rest easy knowing that this machine has been handmade in Italy by a famous builder.



– Best for: Lining

– Type: Coil

– No of Coils: 8.

– Voltage: 7 v to 10v (recommended range).

– Needle type: 1 to 9, round.

– Colors: Black, Bronze.

– Frame: Iron.

– Weight: 200 gr.


Lauro Paolini Tattoo Machine Review Wrap Up

Whether you are a fan of coil or rotary tattoo machines, Lauro Paolini certainly has a wide range of tattoo guns available for different types of work.

Even though we have only checked three (3) tattoo machines here, please don’t hold yourself from checking the other models.

Whether you are a beginner who is first learning the craft or a seasoned pro, the Lauro Paolini tattoo machine range will help you enhances your tat skills. With this in mind, you have everything to create spectacular masterpieces straight onto the human body.

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