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Tattoo Kits Explained: Professional and Beginners Guide

All You Need to Know About Tattoo Kits Before and After Getting Started

Tattooing is a complicated art. Whether you’re doing it as a hobby or aim to become a professional, there is a lot of stuff to invest in.

Ink, a reliable tattoo machine, and rubber bands are just what you need to get the job done. If you’re starting, the shopping list can quickly become confusing. That’s where a tattoo kit steps in.

These kits contain all you need to start creating your masterpiece. There are dozens to choose from, from cheap tattoo kits to expensive ones. But what to look after? Read on to find out.


Best Tattoo Machine Kits for 2022 and Where to Buy?

The tattoo industry has a lot to offer regarding what elements and tools are ideal for beginners and professional artists.

Experienced artists know how to spot good or bad tools, but beginners could struggle. Here is a list of what we think are the best tattoo kits for 2020:


We will not tell you what each kit is made of or list its items. THAT IS POINTLESS!!. This list is based on what other artists think about the quality of the kits, not how many items are included. See the seller’s page by checking the market price if you want more details about the items.


Dragonhawk tattoo kit

This manufacturer offers a guide range of kits, from starters to professionals.

Their beginner tattoo kit will have the essential elements (ink, gloves, machine, needles, and power supply); however, the difference between each is the number of devices (usually basic coil models) and the number of inks included.

From my perspective, if your budget is limited, this could be an excellent place to source cheap tattoo kits.

Most of their packages will include top-quality tattoo machines, such as the Raven and Mast Pen (check here to find more about these two machines).


Best for Starters Best for Professionals
Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit with 2 coil machines for starters Dragohawk rotary tattoo pen machine kit - professional
Check Market Price Check Market Price


Pirate Face tattoo kit

Pirate Face has three (3) different options: Grinder, Carver, and Slinger.

Of these available sets, the most popular is the Grinder tattoo kit since it has more items for the artist, including a set of four (4) tattoo guns (coils).


Grinder Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face
Check Market Price

I’m not quite sure about the quality of the guns, but a significant number of users agree it is a good beginner’s kit.


Fancier Tattoo kit

Fancier Studio is another place where you can source suitable beginner tattoo kits. In terms of the items included, they only offer coil machines, aside from the usual group of needles, power sources, etc.
What do I like? Aside from containing all you need as a beginner, it also comes with a sturdy briefcase. This is not only good for the set protection but also for storing your future professional tattoo equipment.
What do I suggest changing? Get a better ink set (fundamental) and a professional foot pedal.

Other kit alternatives

Finally, in our list of best tattoo machine kits is what Solong, Inkstar, and Stigma offer. These suppliers have ensured their kits are ready for beginners looking for a head start.


Not only will a rookie find their elements helpful but also their affordable price.


Recommended from Solong

CNC Pen Tattoo Kit Solong Rotary Tattoo Pen Kit Solong Brass Coil Machine Kit

CNC Pen Solong Tattoo Kit
Check Market Price

Solong rotary tattoo pen kit
Check Market Price

Solong Brass Coil Machine Kit
Check Market Price


Recommended from Inkstar

Inkstar Apprentice 3 TKI3CC20

Inkstar Journeyman with Rotary guns

Inkstar Apprentice 3 TKI3CC20
Check Market Price

Inkstar Journeyman with Rotary guns
Check Market Price


Recommended from Stigma

Stigma kit tattoo pen rotary

Stigma Complete Tattoo Kit Pro

Stigma kit tattoo pen rotary
Check Market Price

Stigma Complete Tattoo Kit Pro
Check Market Price


What tattoo set to go for?

After discussing all of the above-recommended manufacturers and suppliers, if you want to go the easy way and can’t be bothered overthinking, I believe Dragonhawk has more options to offer, competing prices, including the quality of their products,


If you can spare some time and want to go the right way, the best tattoo kit will always be the one you put together for yourself by using well-known products in the tattoo industry.


Types of Tattoo Kits

There are two kinds of tattoo kit buyers in this world. Beginners looking for cheap solutions and professionals who can settle for nothing less than the best of the best. With this in mind, tattoo kits can fall into one of the three (3) categories below.


Beginner tattoo kits

These are explicitly designed to help newbies get started. As expected, it contains a basic tattoo machine, several inks, needless, and other necessary supplies.


Some manufacturers may even include some tattoo templates so you can get started.


Remember that, even if they are often cheaper than professional kits, they are not cheap. Cheap tattoo kits are harmful, and you should stay away from them. Why? We’ll focus on this below.


Intermediate tattoo kits

Perhaps the most noteworthy difference between this set and the beginner kind is the presence of two (2) tattooing machines instead of just one. One of them is used for lining, the other for shading.

The kit will also include more supplies to help refine your techniques and improve your skills.


Professional tattoo kits

The name says it all. These kits are usually expensive, but it’s easy to consider them la crème de la crème of the tattooing world.

They may have one or two machines, an assortment of inks, and other supplies. Regardless of what’s included, you can expect the utmost quality.

An excellent example in this category is the Dragonhawk tattoo kit, praised even by the greatest tattoo artists.


What to Consider When Buying a Tattoo Kit?

Whether it’s a tattoo starter kit or one of the best tattoo machine kits for professionals, there are a few things to check out before buying.


Ink quality

Like painters should choose their pencils or watercolors carefully, tattoo artists must pay attention when choosing their inks. They contain the pigment that will give life to your tattoos, but they can take that life away if they’re of poor quality.


Here’s where the rule of staying away from those cheap tattoo kits becomes imperative.


Poor quality ink can develop bacteria that can cause infections. While these infections can be treated in most instances, there have been cases of severe illness or death caused by poor-quality tattoo ink.

Some pigments may also contain heavy metals, such as lead. Once accumulated in your body, this element can cause serious trouble.



There are some suggestions to stay away from any ink produced in China. There is a good reason to believe it contains heavy metals.


You should only invest in FDA-approved inks. These kits are usually more expensive, but they are worth every dime.


Read More: Best Tattoo Ink – Know the Basics Before Buying


Machine classification

What kind of machine is included in the package? Standard options include coil tattoo guns, which are, most of the time, more affordable. These models are usually included in tattoo starter kits.

However, the more technologically advanced pneumatic option is lighter and easier to use by both beginners and professionals.


Air-operated machines could be a bit complex for someone just starting in the tattoo business. Read our pneumatic tattoo machine guide for more information.


On the other hand, rotary tattoo machines are also a good option if you’re confident enough to use them. This configuration is usually found in professional tattoo kits since more models are available.


I haven’t seen the first tattoo gun kit with a wireless included. Read our Wireless Tattoo Machine Guide to know more about this new generation.


Elements included

Since there is no general definition, a tattoo kit can include everything, from a machine, needles combo, and power supplies to a complete kit with all necessary elements, including a practice skin.


Read More: Tattoo Machine Power Supply – Guide for 2022


Depending on your budget and needs, check out the various options, and pick the one that best suits you.


Instruction manual

Don’t underestimate it, especially if you’re a beginner. A set of instructions will let you know how to assemble the machine, attach the needles, or use the inks.

Furthermore, some instruction manuals also include exclusive tattooing tips that could help you improve your technique.


Should You Buy a Tattoo Kit?

After reading all of the above, I believe you should feel more confident as to whether you should buy a tattoo kit or not. All it takes is a quick chat with an established tattoo artist to find out they are controversial.


Most experts recommend creating your kit; however, as a beginner, you might not know what to pick.


A tattoo gun kit comes in handy when you’re in a dilemma. They bring value and convenience, two advantages that can easily counterweight most negatives.


Tattoo Kits Wrap Up

A tattoo kit can come with a wealth of advantages, as long as you pay attention to your options and only pick those kits that contain certified products and approved inks.

Tattooing is an art; thus, it requires passion and dedication. Don’t fall into the temptation of buying a cheap tattoo kit. Go for the renowned brands, even if you might have to spend more bucks. We promise you won’t regret it.



Hi!, I'm Thomas, the driver of TMA. Tattoos are a way to express our thoughts, right? but how can we do it without the right tattoo machine? Thanks to my tattoo artist friends, I can transfer their point of view about their experiences in the industry.

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