Tattoo Machine Brand Reviews

Need some advise on what your new machine can do for you? Here we have provided some handy reviews on the top tattoo machine brands.

FK Irons Tattoo Machine

FK Irons Tattoo Machine Reviews

FK Irons are one of the best tattoo machine manufacturers you can choose a product from. However, there is still the need to identify which of their rotary offerings would be the best for you so we have gone ahead and created a review on their four available top rotary models. To ensure that you – and ultimately, your customers – get treated to the best tattooing experience yet, we ...
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Cheyenne Tattoo Machine

Cheyenne Tattoo Machine Reviews

The German-made Cheyenne Tattoo Machine is available in 3 models each with their own distinguishing features and high quality design. The entire Cheyenne Hawk range allows the tattoo artist to work with precision and produce high quality, sharp designs every time. Each rotary machine is compact, easy to work with and utilizes disposable, quick switch needle cartridges. With three (3) slightly different Hawk machines, let's have a look which one ...
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