Cheyenne Hawk Thunder: Review & Guide

Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Tattoo Machine
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Precision motor and 4mm stroke make the Cheyenne Hawk Thunder perfect for dot and line drawing. At the same time though, the unit is also ideal for shading and filling, so you can always tattoo at the highest level.


The Hawk Thunder is a tattoo gun designed to deliver unrivaled power, low vibration, and increased stroke. Equipped with a Precision DC motor, the machine provides ergonomic fatigue-free working even during the longer sessions.

It is explicitly developed for line and dot tattooing, although it also has an impressive performance on filling and shading.

Besides sophisticated craftsmanship, this tattoo gun also features an ergonomic, lightweight design. With a nice heft of only 3.35 ounces, this machine is perfect for handling during extended periods.

Regarding its technical details, the Cheyenne Hawk Thunder boasts a 4mm stroke and continuous operating mode. It is compatible with 29-needle cartridges and allows you to change the depth of the needle to create lines, dots, shades, or for filling.

What else to Expect from the Hawk Thunder?

Perfect for most tattoo artists, the Cheyenne Thunder tattoo machine promises utmost precision and quality while working. Easy to cover, it also delivers all safety and hygiene expected in this field.

Great for dots and lines, this tattoo machine works wonders for filling and shadowing too.

A powerful motor with an operating range between 5 and 12 volts give you sufficient speed and torque for creating challenging or straightforward designs. Like most Hawk machines, the Thunder comes in five (5) colors to match with your taste.

Developed with comfort in mind, this tattoo machine comes with a choice of two (2) grips, a standard hawk grip of 21mm and a 1 inch grip of 25mm.

Made from anodized aluminum, ergonomic, and stable enough to deliver strain-free work, the Cheyenne Hawk Thunder rotary tattoo machine can easily satisfy even the most demanding tattoo artists.

To complement your Cheyenne Thunder, these are some items that can be just for you:

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  • Brand: Cheyenne
  • Type: Rotary
  • Purpose: Lining, Shading, and Coloring
  • Voltage: 5v to 12v
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Grip: 21mm
  • Stroke: 4.0mm
  • Weight: 3.35oz
  • Needle: Cartridge


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