Bishop Magi by Nikko Hurtado and Franco V: Review and Guide

A limited edition tattoo machine designed by artists for artists. Bishop Magi – Black Edition boasts a great balance and nice heft, features that make it an excellent choice for the pros and a review.

Bishop Magi - Nikko Hurtado - Black Edition Review
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The Bishop Magi – Black Edition is the result of hours of brainstorming between artists Nikko Hurtado and Franco Vescovi (founder of Bishop Rotary). Running from 6 to 8.5 volts depending on your hand and speed, this tattoo gun is meant to impress and created for the pros.

It comes equipped with a precision Maxon motor with dual bearings designed to spin at 9,600 rotations per minute and is perfect to use with either disposable or click grips.

The machine is also compatible with both 71mm (for disposable grips) and 76mm plunge bars (for click grips), giving plenty of choice to all users.

Ideal to use for line drawing and shading, this gun comes with either 3.5mm or 4.2mm stroke, and it’s perfectly weighted at only 2 ounces.

Bishop Magi: Final Comments

The magi rotary tattoo machine comes in a limited edition that counts 4,000 matte black machines and a smaller collection of gold plated guns (unfortunately only 1000 pieces created).

It’s not only a rare machine, but it’s also an invaluable one thanks to the authenticated number that characterizes each piece. If you want to add any of these beauties into your arsenal, don’t wait to much as they will get expensive over time when getting close to a few machines available.

This rare gem boasts high speed, powerful torque, and stroke. It is ideal for both line drawing and shading and comes with a convenient RCA connection.

Crafted from aircraft aluminum and weighing only 2 ounces, this tattoo gun is also comfortable to hold for long periods. Its grease-free design and compatibility with all Hawk grips and cartridge needles bring further value for money, allowing most artists to enjoy its benefits.

Bishop Magi - Nikko Hurtado - Black Edition Review
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Backed by a 1-year limited warranty, the Bishop Magi created by Franco Vescovi and Nikko Hurtado also stands out thanks to its no-adjustment construction that allows you to adjust your give to a natural pressure that won’t tire you during the long tattooing sessions.

Here are some suggested accessories for this rotary machine that you can acquire if needed:




  • Brand: Bishop
  • Type: Rotary
  • Purpose: Lining and Shading
  • Voltage: 6v to 8.5v
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Grip: 21mm
  • Stroke: 3.5mm
  • Weight: 2oz
  • Needle: Cartridge


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