The Chinese-made Hummingbird Tattoo Machine range includes some of the best entry-level tattooing tools on the market.


Hummingbird Tattoo Machine Table Summary

ASPECTHummingbird V1

Hummingbird V1
Hummingbird V2

Hummingbird Tattoo Machine - V2
Hummingbird Bronc Pen
Hummingbird Bronc Pen
Important FeatureDrives up to 49+ needles.No need for rubber bands.Silent Machine.
Best for Shader or liner?Liner / Shader.Liner / Shader.
Much better for lining works.
Liner / Shader.
Frame MaterialAluminumAluminumAluminum
Power Source4-7V.4 - 5V. 6-9V.
Max. Strike Needle Depth3.2mm - 3.5mm3.2mm - 3.5mm3.5mm
Weight80 g.80 g.153 g.
Warranty1 year.

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1 year.

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1 year.


There are a lot of tattoo machines out there; some good, some bad, and some with price tags that make them almost unattainable for someone just entering the industry.

Hummingbird is rapidly becoming tattoo machines that Huawei is evolving in smartphones: a high-quality, highly competitive, feature-filled alternative at a fraction of the cost. What’s not to like?

Check below the review of the three (3) most noticeable rotary machines.


Hummingbird V1 – The Original Hummingbird Tattoo Machine

Hummingbird V1Read public reviews and rating

The Hummingbird V1 is the first venture into the tattoo machine industry and represents their professional entry level.

As you would expect, it is very competitively priced compared to other similar makes, such as the Cheyenne Hawk and the Magic Moon-Ink builder.


You would be looking to set you back between $600 and $900, respectively,y, compared to the reasonable $120 Hummingbird V1.


It doesn’t lack features for the price either. The Hummingbird Tattoo Machine V1 combines some of the best features of other high priced machines, such as adjustable dampening control to switch between line work and shading quickly.

There’s also a supremely soft hit, lightweight, so your arm doesn’t get tired too quickly and a top-quality Swiss motor that works with most power supplies up to a recommended voltage of 4-7 Volts.

The pros of this model include:

– A lightweight at just 80g.

– Easy to hold ergonomic grip.

– Adjustable hitting force.

– Ability to quickly switch between line work and shading without touching the power supply.

– Drives up to 49+ needles without difficulty.

– Excellent price and features.

The Cons of this model are few and include:

– Not as solid as some of the later versions in the range.

– It can be a bit more “violent” to the skin than the latest models.

– Quite a loud machine.


Hummingbird V2 – a High-Quality Hybrid

Hummingbird Tattoo Machine - V2Read public reviews and rating

Hummingbird’s second entry into the industry of tattoo machines has often been described as a hybrid of the best features of other, more well-known devices.

Regarding handling, it is reminiscent of the Dragonfly, offering a better motor than the V1. This also includes a much gentler experience for the artist and the client.

Despite the above, there still are some similarities to the previous mode (V1). In this case, it is incredibly lightweight, at around 80g.

In terms of the frame, the V2 (sometimes known as Gen2) is made of aluminum alloy for lower running temperatures, allowing you to tattoo for longer with less fatigue.


You can switch between lining and block work just as quickly as with the V1, and its Swiss-made Maxon motor runs between 4 and 5 volts.


This model is an excellent pick-up and-go machine and is even available in multiple colors.

Price-wise, it is even more competitive than the V1 and is significantly better value than the similar but much more expensive than the Prodigy model.


– Swiss Made Maxon Motor.

– No need for rubber bands.

– Easy switching between line work and block work.

– Soft touch.

– Very good value – less than $100.


– Not the best-looking machine.

– A little loud for a rotary with a small motor.


Hummingbird Bronc Pen

Hummingbird Bronc Pen

Made from super lightweight aircraft aluminum (weighing a mere 5.43oz) and with a no-load starting voltage of only 4v DC, the Hummingbird Bronc Pen model could be a solid, good-value addition to your Tattooing Machine arsenal.

The Bron Pen features an operational voltage of 5 – 12V and is compatible with most needle types on the market (including Big Wasp and T-Tech and Fantom).

Again, this high-quality little underdog offers fantastic value with a tiny price tag of around $228 as compared to similar models such as the Cheyenne Hawk Pen or the Stigma-Rotary Spear.

As with all the Hummingbird Tattoo Machine range, it boasts a Swiss-Made Motor, in this case, 5W with 11500 RPM.


– Small and somehow lightweight.

– We think it is a good alternative for beginners.

– Compatible with most needle types as discussed above.

– Multiple colors are available.

– Silent machine compared with the other two available versions already discussed.

– Detachable motor bolt for ease of maintenance and can be autoclaved.

– Much cheaper than comparable products on the market.


– Lubricating the machine every 2-3 weeks is recommended for smooth running. Otherwise, you will see the problems.

– No cartridge grip is included (it can be purchased separately).


Hummingbird Tattoo Machine Wrap Up

There isn’t much to criticize in this range of great value, high-quality set of rotary tattoo machines. All the models are pick up and go and suitable for both beginner tattooists and pros.

Hummingbird may be one of the underdogs for the industry but stands up admirably compared to its bigger rivals such as Cheyenne, Diablo, and Dragonfly in terms of both versatility, functionality, and, most of all, price.

With the Hummingbird Tattoo Machine range, you are guaranteed one of the highest quality products at a fraction of the cost.

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