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Handmade Tattoo Machines - Artist Legends Showing Off Inspiration - TMA

10 Tattooing Legends That Have Inspired Handmade Tattoo Machines!

In the world of handmade tattoo machines, there are indeed a lot of names that you might have heard. From the great liner, shader, and color-packing tattoo setups, in both

Aaron Cain Tattoo Machines - Plenty Lines and Shades of Awesome - TMA

Aaron Cain Tattoo Machines: Plenty Lines and Shades of Awesome

The Name, Aaron Cain, is Almost a Staple in the Tattoo World This is a man that has honed his craft so much that has defined trends and designs in

Micky Bee Tattoo Machines Review - Custom Made - Over Two Decades of Excellence - TMA

Micky Bee Tattoo Machines Review: Over Two Decades of Excellence

Like most good tattoo setups, the Micky Bee tattoo machine was made by a true veteran of the art. Named after the founder, Micky Bee has gone on to make

Brands Offering Wireless Tattoo Machines

Kwadron Tattoo Machine Reviews TMA

Kwadron Tattoo Machine Reviews: Equaliser Proton Enduro & Wireless Pen Stick

As a Company That Knew How to Produce Some Great Tattoo Needles, What Else Are They Offering? With some skin in the game already (no pun intended), they decided to

Cheyenne Tattoo Machine Reviews

Cheyenne Tattoo Machine Reviews

The German-made Cheyenne Tattoo Machine is available in several different styles with the release of new rotary models. The entire Cheyenne range allows the tattoo artist to work with precision

Wireless Tattoo Machine Guide - TMA

Best Wireless Tattoo Machine Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

Wireless Tattoo Machines are the new alternative for artists who need to take their work anywhere. Finding a wireless tattoo machine with the same performance as other standard machine has